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Jen - Mellow Dramas (2008) [Downtempo,Lounge]  

2008-12-02 14:04:30|  分类: 沙发弛放 Chill O |  标签: |举报 |字号 订阅

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Jen - Mellow Dramas (2008) [Downtempo,Lounge] - Jazz You Night  Day - Jazz You Night  Day

Label: Stereo Deluxe
Release Date: October 2008
Genre: Downtempo , Lounge
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps 44khz Stereo
Playtime: 72:34 min
Tracks: 13
Size: 168 Mb

Jennifer Schwed aka JEN from Washington DC is allowed to be mentioned in the same breath with the named above, even though the attractive mid-thirty year old surely misses a political component on her solo-debut on Stereo Deluxe that characterizes an esteemed and often-quoted colleague like Ursula Rucker. Instead of that JEN’s “Mellow Dramas” are mainly dealing with the imminent mental state of the own being. With the interpersonal needs, unaccomplished longings and inner conflicts, as well as the ups and downs of love, lust and life itself....


01. Jen meets Kieser.Velten - Together (Album Version)
02. Jen meets Gelka - Effortless (Album Version)
03. Jen meets Solar Moon - Falling gently (Album Version)
04. Jen meets Can7 - Temptation & Seduction (Album Version)
05. Jen meets Crisp - Living & Breathing (Album Version)
06. Jen meets Busy People feat. Ella May - Driving Rain (Album Version)
07. Jen meets Salz - Offcenter Moon (Salz Remix)
08. Jen meets Razoof - Two Halfes Of A Whole (Manes Dub)
09. Jen meets Egotrip feat. Zilverzurf - You Are (Album Version)
10. Jen meets Black - Ratnapura 16 (Album Version)
11. Jen meets Tom - You Could Have Been My Hero (Album Version)
12. Jen meets Solar Moon - Asleep (Album Version) - Bonus Track
13. Jen meets Chin Chillaz - No Ordinary Life (Album Version) - Bonus Track


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Jen - Mellow Dramas (2008) [Downtempo,Lounge] - Jazz You Night  Day - Jazz You Night  Day
Jen - Mellow Dramas (2008) [Downtempo,Lounge] - Jazz You Night  Day - Jazz You Night  Day
Jen - Mellow Dramas (2008) [Downtempo,Lounge] - Jazz You Night  Day - Jazz You Night  Day


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